Panelist on "The Impact of Big Data & Analytics in Financial Markets"

Queen's University

photo aikman lawyer
photo aikman lawyer

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Moderator for Artificial Intelligence with Element AI and Mindbridge.AI

AI manager

Panelist on Artificial Intelligence in Traditional Businesses

WeTech Teck Night in Chatham 2018

Speaking at PIEC

Jon Aikman speaking at PIEC, the Pacific Innovation & Executive Club, conference on investment trends of Canadian High-Tech Ventures in March 2018.  The focus was on investments in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technologies.

Presentation on Hedge Funds in Hong Kong

Jon Aikman speaking at the High Commission of Canada in Hong Kong, China on hedge funds.

New Article on "The AI Manager"

See the Smith Magazine, Summer 2018 Issue

Jon Aikman, a lecturer who teaches AI and Finance, says AI’s “far-reaching implications and profound impact” requires business leaders today to clearly understand it. “The story for the next 20 or 30 years is how are we going to apply this technology.”